A good woman attorney advocating for single moms chattanooga tn

Why, with all of the examples from so many countries of how universal health care can work are we even having a debate Get it done and stop catering to the GOP. If I, uncovered by health insurance for five years, got cancer Its not Washingtons responsibility and its sure as hell not their right to do with my taxes That is enough to arm the whole populace.

Guns are never going away.

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That is enough to wage war on invaders or on an oppressive government, as the Founders of our Constitution envisioned. And also I want to be able to say this to them in person.

If you say I have no compassion, I tithe to my church and I give in my local community even on my modest income. To consider this law in a more onerous way it means it is now illegal for any individual to sell, give or transfer any amount, style, type or caliber of ammunition to another individual unless you have this NYS license.

Delivering a profit and delivering excellent and affordable health care to all—no matter how sick— are incompatible goals.

That was a very childish move by the DNC and some members of the media to say that about the American public. Almost 50 million American's don't have healthcare and the costs are rising.


This is becoming painful. I am sending out emails, alerting my FB family to spread the word that "we," those who want health reform, need to attend these town hall meetings and be seen and heard!

My uncle lived in the UK for three years and came back on business a few times a year. Businesses would be in a better position to raise wages because their health insurance costs would no longer be skyrocketing.

A public option is my line in the sand. It is certainly enough to fuel our Gun Show community through most of our lifetimes. I am a democrat, and I attended the one in Dixon, Il organized by a fellow democrat. I see that there is NO option for "interaction" which would mean you could input your own thoughts, beliefs about which were slam dunks and which were air balls.

I just want to see the faces of these people. What am I doing about it? We are in financial ruins right now. I am in favor of having all people have access to health care but the bills currently in Congress do not address the high costs to all of us with a public system.

Remember them in November and work for their ouster, not the continuation of Albany politics as usual. They are too old. Start with asking questions of your upcoming school board members vying for election.

What transpired is world-wide attention to our plight to run a gun show as we had done for over 30 years amid the calls for shutting it down for last January and banning it altogether in the future. BUT, whatever questions or comments I would have would not need to be shouted at town meetings.

I'm a "little person" like everyone else but I'm doing my part. In my case, I had a mammogram at the end of February and Kaiser requested I come back immediately for a second screening and to see a doctor.

These are funded through taxes, but the total cost of health care per person is a lot less than here in the United States.There's a computer world phenomenon known as blog. It started as a compilation of comments in no apparent order in what appears as continual words of wit or wisdom or wisecracks.

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A good woman attorney advocating for single moms chattanooga tn
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