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Instead of cryogenic freezing of bodies, store genetic signatures and compile multimedia memories. A digital book reader that provides an OED, so that readers can look up words as they come across them. A book publisher may individual mark all their books with a serial number, creating a digital database that can be accessed by buyers.

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Instant Flash builder, providing motion templates with easy upload graphic and text to fit template animation. Online Palm Readings — Readings done via Skype Self-righting picture hanger Website for online job searching with IM capabilities so you can ask questions to other people searching or people who are advertising.

For example, list the best 3 food places within one mile of each highway exit that take less than 20 minutes. You can also rent objects of sociability, online dating protector signup for example you could rent a bread maker or a super nice tea set with 30 looseleaf teas.

TV Show Summary Service — Brief summaries of your favorite shows are e-mailed to you in case you missed them. Online flower shop with one-hour delivery A non-profit that provides credit consulting for youth and impoverished.

The site would come with a data feed, dozens of pre-packaged statistical tests that could be deployed or combined in various ways, and the ability to do backtesting to see if this strategy would have been effective on previous data.

A company that makes lingerie that is created with eco-friendly material. Replication service for clothing items — make you a new pair just like the old online dating protector signup Improve soft contacts so you can wear for 1 year at a time.

A data aggregator of global statistics on death, destruction, catastrophes, violations of human rights, freedom in media, etc. A website that teaches you about what is involved in the day-to-day training for different sports, so you can make an intelligent decision about what sport to take up instead of just choosing based on what it looks like on TV.

A high school homework site that markets to the schools and teachers who want to know what their neighbors require and post best-of results. On colleges, a service to put money on your college ID card for laundry, food, supplies, etc.

Your dog could get fat or grow out of the seasons fad. Like club penguin, but educational — an online learning environment. There are no hours listed for the phone support line. Web-based portal that allows people to invest in or fund movie scripts written by new writers and allows studios to scout for good stories.

So have some fun with them. Best Buy offers a day price match promise, 30 day phone support and 30 day return policy for all purchases made through the website. Or it works with the Doggie Doolie and dumps the poop in it on a regular basis. You could target busy people.

Standing in line for people Brainstorming. A company that creates attention grabbing advertisements for telephone poles. Ivan Illych proposes this in his book Deschooling Society, which was written in Video creation for local businesses to put on YouTube Install digital screens on shopping carts and sell advertising to national packaged goods companies.

This will keep your dog in the latest fashions for less. Web-based Flash-based display advertising rotation management. Cupcake Shop fresh and creative cupcakes A mobile job fair in a tractor trailer that pulls up in the parking lots of offices of businesses performing massive layoffs.

A website that teaches kids how to do quant trading. Instead of drinking a lime pomegranate drink you can eat a lime granite. The agent that answered the phone asked where she could direct our call. A website that users can program in advance to take some action if some event happens. The site would then show the medicines proven effective for each condition, with a link to the journal article or clinical data or whatever.

American Idol online where the user judge the you own peers and strangers, built on a karaoke format. A service that drops off a different set of clothes for you to wear on whatever days you want each week.


Whack-a-Mole style game with political figures Automatic thank you notes, sent to contacts as a postcard generated from uploaded contact lists.

For a monthly fee, provide a container and service it once a week. Click here to leave a comment about your customer service experience. A company that digs your car out of the snow and removes snow from your driveway and starts car in the morning. Uses the same open data format as FreeMind.

An IMDB for people who have won awards. Netflix for home exercise equipment.Comprehensive list of RV and RV-related recalls for June The list of latest recalls on RVs and other vehicles and/or products of interest to RVers has been released by the U.S.

National Highway Transportation Safety Administration. 1,+ Business Ideas. This is a list compiled from several sources that’s been kickin’ ’round my Evernote for a bit.

It’s such a beast to cut-n-paste so I’m throwing it up here. Shop Israel Book Shop online store for a full line of Books, Judaica & Gifts, Jewish Lifecycle Events, Educational Resources and more!. Israel Book Shop is a Jewish bookstore located in Brookline, MA.

We have a great selection of Jewish books available including arts and crafts books, biographies, prayer books, and more. 7 Common Spiritual Dream Meanings.

by Doug Addison. One amazing way that God can speak to us is through our dreams at night. Unfortunately, most people do not understand their dreams. This site is protected by Online Dating Protector.

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Online dating protector signup
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