Single women at the grocery store

Trading stamps generally increased expenses by about two percent of sales. This would require specialized banana ripening rooms. From there he could direct customers to which aisle and shelf they would find the items they wanted. Before closing the store, Jules decided to reassign Herb to take over supervision of that one store, giving him full authority to do or change anything he wanted, including staff, merchandising, pricing, and advertising.

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This did not bother Supermarkets Interstate management because it knew that trading stamps would soon become a passing fad and it would lose much of its advantages, as well as, profits. Before Hinky Dinky turned Alvin Einbender down, a light bulb flashed at about the same time above the heads of its management people.

Esther and Nick were the crown jewels of the family.

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When Albert, Henry and Ben were at retirement age, they also sold their interests to the Newman sons. It was unclear to Jules whether he was bragging about how unbiased he was or letting Jules know the extent of his anti-Semitism.

If prices were not far enough below competition, volume might not be great enough, and there would be pressure to advertise loss leaders, defeating the entire philosophy of the approach.

Nick was able to show them that blacks already comprised nearly ten percent of the Hinky Dinky work force, and the problem disappeared. Allan began his exposure in the retail food business with Hinky Dinky as a buyer and merchandiser, later becoming Executive Vice President. No doubt competition expected the new food department operator from Nebraska to fold shortly due to its extremely low prices.

Previously, carload lots had to be bought on trust from distant shippers, usually through brokers. Many old time grocers could remember a spate of trading stamps which spread throughout the country back in the twenties and were advising against them.

About this time, it was obvious to everyone that Herb was ready to become the head grocery buyer and merchandise manager of the company.

Store volume was so high, earnings were three to four percent of sales before taxes. Nick and Bob quickly gained the respect of company executives as well as store level personnel.

In addition Albert was pushing for a building, either with cold storage facilities, or one in which coolers could be built. While handling such responsibilities, Herb continued buying staple grocery items, bringing in exceptional, additional profits for the company with the techniques he had learned from Jules, his mentor.

For example, chicken was being sold at 15 cents a pound and eggs at 10 cents a dozen, far below cost. Wohlner assumed his offer would be rejected out of hand, but Jules agreed and shook on it right away.

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Single women at the grocery store
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